Fox 13 Ask-A-Lawyer

We wanted to highlight a program that we participate in and have recently posted a lot about on social media. Each month the Hillsborough County Bar Association teams up with Fox 13 Tampa Bay for the Ask-A-Lawyer segment. During this segment people with questions can call in or post their question on the Facebook page.  Ask-A-Lawyer is a pro bono event, callers and posters are not charged for the legal advice given.  There are a variety of legal questions we can answer and a panel of other attorneys with different practice backgrounds to assist others.  Concerned about the cost associated with sitting down with an attorney? This is a great resource, you can ask your question free of charge. If your question is too complex to answer over the phone we can set up a consultation or refer you to legal aid resources if our pro bono slots are full. We love participating in this event, it allows us to talk to many members of the community and provide peace of mind to those in need. If you are interested in this program follow us on Facebook and we will remind you of upcoming Ask-A-Lawyer segments.

Attorney Jared Wrage answering calls for Fox 13 Ask-A-Lawyer
Attorney’s Jared Wrage and Betty Thomas at Fox 13 for Ask-A-Lawyer

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