Ways to Prove Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is an essential part of filing for a divorce and something that people may take for granted. However, if you have just moved to Florida or have lived somewhere else, it can be a challenge. In order to file in Florida you must have lived in the state for a least six months and intend to reside here permanently. These are the most common ways to prove jurisdiction.

Most judges will ask to prove jurisdiction by reviewing the Florida driver's license of the person who filed...

Fox 13 Ask-A-Lawyer

We wanted to highlight a program that we participate in and have recently posted a lot about on social media. Each month the Hillsborough County Bar Association teams up with Fox 13 Tampa Bay for the Ask-A-Lawyer segment. During this segment people with questions can call in or post their question on the Facebook page.  Ask-A-Lawyer is a pro bono event, callers and posters are not charged for the legal advice given.  There are a variety of legal questions we can answer and a panel of other...

5 Things To Know About Division Of Property In A Florida Divorce

There is an old myth that division of property in a divorce is 50/50, meaning each party gets 50% of the marriage. This is not accurate.

There are many factors that judges consider when it comes to the division of assets, and judges must consider certain statutory guidelines when determining how property will be divided upon divorce.

1. Only Marital Property Is Considered

Before the judge begins to split the property between the two parties, she must first determine what is...

3 Options For Finalizing Divorce In Florida

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved, both emotionally and logistically. When it comes to dividing assets and legally finalizing a divorce, there are several options available.

No matter which option a person chooses, it is always a good plan to hire experienced legal counsel to make sure nothing is overlooked and that the division of assets is fair.

1. Agreement Between The Parties

Occasionally, parties to a marriage may decide that they can determine how to split...