Sample Page from Florida's Family Law financial Affidavit

Commonly asked Questions about Florida’s Family Law Financial Affidavit

If you are preparing to file or have recently filed for a dissolution of marriage or paternity petition you have come across the financial affidavit.  This document can be very intimidating, it requests a lot of personal financial information.  If you are feeling overwhelmed you are not alone, here are some common questions we are asked.

Why do I need to fill this out?


Child Care Credit: Which Parent Can Claim?

Figuring out your taxes is generally not a fun task. Throw in court order and final judgement from divorce or paternity cases in the mix and it can be a bit trickier to tell what needs to be filed. One issue that arises during divorces and paternity cases is the child care tax credit. Whether you are preparing to file your taxes or have already filed here are some important things to know.