Family Law Services

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage: In the State of Florida if you would like a divorce the process is known as filing a petition for dissolution of marriage. The contents of the petition vary based on whether or not a couple has children and/or owns property.
  • Petition to Establish Paternity: If you are seeking to establish your parental rights for a child who was not born during a marriage you need to file a petition to establish paternity. Either a mother or father can file this petition which includes parental rights, child support and time-sharing.
  • Supplemental Petition to Modify: When a final judgment has already been entered in a domestic relations case a supplemental petition to modify must be filed to request any change to the final judgment. If you would like to modify your child support payments, spousal support, or time-sharing schedule this is the process for requesting those changes.
  • Motion for Contempt: Ex-spouse not paying child support or spousal support? We can alert the court through filing a motion for contempt.  This will help recover the past due amounts as well as fees and costs for your trouble.
  • Petition for Name Change: To change your name outside of a divorce a petition must be filed. If you did not change your name at the time your divorce was finalized but would still like to do so, it’s not too late.

Probate Services

  • Wills. No matter how few assets you may have it is always a good idea to have a document in place detailing your wishes.
  • End of Life Directives.  Outline what types of medical treatment you would like, these documents speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself.
  • Guardianship. Have a loved one who will need long term care?  We can assist you in a designating a legal guardian to ensure that your loved one’s needs are taken care of.

Civil Litigation

  • Contract disputes.
  • Collections.